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    Tech Focus: TV for Generation Z?

    A peak into the future of Snapchat and how it will revolutionise the way companies interact with both consumers and employees.

    • By George Biddle | 16th October, 2017
    • Snapchat has received a whole host of media attention since its controversial IPO back in March of this year, having leaped 41% in share price from its initial $17 offering, only to come crashing back down again in spectacular fashion.

      Much like Facebook, Snapchat was born essentially out of a University culture – during a seminar-based project for one of Spiegel’s classes at Stanford. It wasn’t the product of a desire to ‘disrupt’ for the sake of disrupting or a heavily backed corporate pitch being forced into the market by aggressive advertising. Its origins were organic, and the growth figures we’ve seen following in the five years after have reflected that. Snapchat has quickly become the platform of the millennial – a point people are often quick to forget when dismantling its credibility or viability as a revenue generating platform.

      A short while ago I read a status on LinkedIn by a guy who believes wholeheartedly in the future of Snapchat and the role that it will play in everything from marketing to ‘providing TV for generation Z’. He’s put almost all his savings into Snap Inc. stock based on one simple principle - he knows his own generation better than any other marketing ‘guru’ claiming otherwise. We are the millennial and we were born into this world of rapid technological advancement and digital reliance. For once, a case can be made that we actually might know best.

      In his status, he spoke of his 6-year-old niece having been introduced to Cosmopolitan Magazine through Snapchat’s ‘discover’ section.

      Think about that for a moment.

      One of the world’s biggest media outlets has introduced itself to a 6-year old through Snapchat.

      The competitor advantage that early introduction could afford Cosmo is enormous. That girl may then spend the next 10 years of her life with Cosmo as her go-to media channel as she grows up and beyond.
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    Why? Because habit is particularly rife at an early age. Children look for constants in their lives growing up; sources of information that consistently give them answers to the million questions our inquisitive and developing minds ask on a daily basis.

    TV for Generation Z.

    For me, the concept of ‘TV for generation Z’ does not mean watching conventional 30 minute shows like today’s TV offers us. It doesn’t mean I’m going to watch the next equivalent of Narcos on Snapchat every day while I’m brushing my teeth. It means redefining what TV is completely. And in a world of increasing impatience and instant gratification, compiling headline news into a 2-minute snippet on Snapchat’s discovery section is doing exactly that. The reams of untargeted viral clips being viewed on Facebook every day is more than testament to that in itself – only on Snapchat you get to choose what you see.

    Take a look outside the numbers.

    What companies, investors and sceptics alike are all categorically failing to do, is peer through the misty mountain pass of present non-profitability and generation-related ignorance, and take a look down and beyond into the valley of green pastures and opportunity - where children run freely in the fields of 7 second snaps with friends and 60 second videos of news snippets and media content. The idea of TV for generation Z couldn’t be more accurate, and no amount of quantitative analysis will ever substitute an empathy for behavioral trends like this.